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Free Audio Learning devices Free audio learning and marketing is an essential resource forevery business’s marketing strategy. New technologies continue to introduce new ways to use audio and the human voice to drive marketing strategies.

Here we supply a number of ways you can use  free audio in your marketing efforts to drive web traffic back to your web site.

Free Audio Learning Strategy: Convert Your Blog to Audio for Free.


Odiogo empowers you to convert your blog posts into high quality audio files. Check my blog pages,  see audio learning Odigo buttons at the top of my posts.

If you know what a Podcast is which is simply a an audio file that is distributed by subscription over the Internet and is usually listened to on a portable device such as Apple’s iPod or other MP3 readers.  Now what Odiogo does for your audio learning is create what they call Podiocast.  A podiocast is a high-fidelity Odiogo-generated podcasts (as opposed to the human-generated kind). So to clarify the difference which is not noticeable to the user is the Odiogo automatically generates podiocasts from textual content in RSS feeds. The end-result is a high-fidelity computer-generated voice file.

Odiogo is compatible with all blog engines that publish RSS feeds such as WordPress and more. The generated MP3 files are stored on the Odiogo servers. You don’t need to worry about technical integration tasks or bandwidth. Now the cool part is that Odiogo is free, it may be able to generate advertising revenues. Once your listenership reaches a significant level, you may qualify for a share of ad income! Click here to read more about free audio learning .


Free Audio Learning Strategy: Give Your Customers Audio When They Need It


Busy people who are on the go look for solutions that fit their hectic lifestyles. How much more valuable would it be for the late night web surfer if you could provide an audio version of the information you are providing so they can shut their laptop and learn about it from the comfort of their bed? How to could you better serve the man or woman stuck in an airport running from gate to gate if you could provide for them and audio book they could listen to with their .mp3 player while on the run? Click here to read more about free audio learning.

Free Audio Learning Strategy: Free Audio Learning Downloads


One of the best learning technologies is the use of free audio learning. It lets you keep moving and multi task. You can use as you drive and as you exercise so enjoy this method of building your business today. For being here you will get free audio learning guides to help you explode the growth of your business starting today. Click here to read more about free audio learning.


Free Audio Learning Strategy: Make Your Website Accessible

What about your Website? Have you done all you can to assure that your Website is accessible? Here is a checklist you can use, to determine if your Website is as accessible as it could be. (Note: These actions vary from fairly simple to complex, and this list is not meant to be considered the only options or actions you can take to make your site more accessible). Click here to read more about free audio learning.


Free Audio Learning Strategy:Mixing Your Pamela for Skype Interview in Audacity


Found this great site that does a nice job of teaching you how to modify your audio interviews done in a tool called Pamela from Skype. In this video you will be shown how easy it is to edit and mix the recording in Audacity. Click here to read more about free audio learning.

Free Audio Learning Strategy: Audacity Tutorial: Splicing Audio Together (Correcting Mistakes)


This free audio learning video shows you how to go back and take mistakes out of your audio, add a retake and then mix them together into one audio track again. It’s really simple, and the good thing about Audacity is it makes it difficult for you to make any silly mistakes when editing and re-recording. Click here to read more about free audio learning.


More coming – next step take the time to discover free video strategies.

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